41 years as a meat eater and now a vegetarian, how did that happen?

mm-pictureWhat do vegetarianism and jobs have to do with each other I hear you ask!

The answer will surprise you: Becoming a vegetarian means change and so does looking for work, whether it is for the first time or as a career move.  As with any change in our normal routine, both these actions require thought, careful planning and for many of us, a fair bit of anxiety.

I believe most of us want change for the better in our lives, our work and around us.  For change to happen though, there needs to be an intent quickly followed by an action.  Hoping that someone else will make that change happen for us is sadly one of those habits we’ve all acquired over hundreds of years.  We have become good at outsourcing most of the activities and actions that we are responsible for and then when things go wrong, we still rely on others to put things right for us!

My book, ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’ will show you how you can outsource less,  enjoy making conscious choices, and experiment with new actions which will result in the change we all long for.

So, today on MeatFreeMonday as a gift to you, and to give you a flavour of my book, I am giving you Chapter 1 below which explains how I went from being a carnivore to a vegetarian. Enjoy and have a beautiful day!

We let go of the need to eat meat and as a result a new vegetarian based diet came into being.

So what walet_go_or_be_dragged_cover_for_kindles it that made you decide to become a vegetarian? My Mum asked me. When I look back it’s hard to remember the exact tipping point, but I had become more and more uncomfortable about eating meat, particularly cows. The decision took me completely by surprise. I loved meat and had eaten only organic meat for a number of years. Was it because I’d become more exposed to people who had vegetarian and vegan lifestyles? Was it because I had become more aware of the environmental impact? Did I just think, I don’t need to eat meat anymore? Maybe it was a combination of all those factors.

I wasn’t one of those children who had always loved vegetables so this wasn’t a natural transition for me, but, along with my partner, we decided to try it out. We said to each other if either one of us wants to have meat at any time, we’ll embrace it. The funny thing is it’s been just a handful of times we’ve “felt the urge.”

Why has it worked? I think it’s because we were able to find alternatives to our meat based diet. With a partner who loves to cook and a willing apprentice in me, we took it as an experiment to try new recipes and that experiment continues as it becomes a more permanent way of life for us. We let go of the need to eat meat and as a result a new vegetarian based diet came into being.

So why tell you this story of my change in eating habits?

This book is all about taking the pro-active route to change and this is one such example of that. There was no enforced change put upon me, this was my own personal choice. So what factors were at play here and what can we learn from this? My decision arose from a deeper awareness of what is happening around me combined with giving myself the time and space to reflect on this and experiment with a new way of being.

Making a decision is obviously a key part in creating change, but equally important is taking action and following through. Most changes in diets involve some sort of sacrifice and stopping yourself from eating the selected product(s), however by reframing the shift in our eating habits to one of experimentation, we found that we didn’t feel deprived or lacking in anything, quite the reverse, we embraced the fun of trying the new and simultaneously observing our behaviour and urges.

Try it for yourself. What part of your life would you like to experiment with now?

The great thing I observed about myself as I was making this change through experimentation is that it releases you from some of the perfectionist behaviours you may carry with you. For me, I’ve always had this feeling that I have to get something “right.” I am drawn towards finding the best and the most effective way of doing something. When you start an experimentation through food because we eat every day, each day you have the opportunity to “try again”, to “do something different” and that definitely takes the pressure off and this gives way to more enjoyment.

Another benefit of experimentation through food is that you are flexing your “change muscle” on a daily basis and having that practice every day is a great way to embed a new habit which in turn gives you greater confidence in your ability to bring about further changes. At the very least, it has the ability to revitalise the routine you find yourself in, offering you an opportunity to reconsider and refresh your daily choices and become more alert to everything that’s available to you.

Personally I believe that is the key to enabling change; giving yourself the permission and the opportunity to slow down, observe and reflect upon your daily choices which in turn helps to bring a refreshed awareness to all your activities.

Next time you go into autopilot, stop and ask yourself, what choice am I making now? What am I allowing into my life and am I happy with that?

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Let Go Or Be Dragged – A Book of Conscious Choices

Time to change your work and your world through your own conscious choices

Let Go Or Be Dragged

Let Go Or Be Dragged


We are living in unprecedented times which offer a world of possibilities for living and working with greater freedom and joy – but these possibilities will only remain open to us if we take conscious choices to think and act differently in the way we live our lives.

Individually and collectively when we shift away from restrictive and harmful practices in our working lives then we pave the way for us all to live more freely and with less fear.

So why do we hold on so tightly to ways of living and working which cause us pain?

The world is changing all around us and the pace of change is increasing.

Our way of life is constantly being challenged and is under threat in a variety of ways, so what do we do? Well our natural response is to seek safety, security and stability for ourselves and our loved ones.

But what if the ways in which we’re living and working no longer bring the same levels of safety, security and stability as they once did?

Do we defend our current position even stronger, bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best?


Could this be the perfect time to explore and experiment with new ways of living and working?

Let Go Or Be Dragged is a book of conscious choices. A series of reflections, strategies and resources which encourage you to look at your own working lives with new eyes and see a world of possibilities before you.

And should you want help in putting this all into practice then register yourself for a Free Discovery Session and we can work on this together.

This is what readers of Let Go Or Be Dragged have to say about the book

The book you wrote is so excellent, it talks to people like a friend and advisor and takes people through the whole mindset. It’s a real page turner, it really keeps you with it.” Suzanne, UK

Debbie I finished your book yesterday and it is truly fabulous. I think it is needed by so many and while you approached it from the aspect of saving the planet and being cognizant of our impacts, the concepts you have shared go much deeper into all aspects of life.Jewel, Canada

“Debbie, this topic is of my favourite and most relevant combinations of conscious choices and career choice/doing work that makes a difference. I can tell I’m going to love this. Thank you for writing and sharing this, I will definitely donate and read this.” Nick, UK

Debbie it’s an excellent read. Really accessible, has your voice ringing through it and is full of inspirational, enlightening stuff. Well done you wonderful woman you!” Nic, UK

Reviews for Let Go Or Be Dragged

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Think twice about just about everything in your life, 11 Feb. 2016
This review is from: Let Go Or Be Dragged: A Book Of Conscious Choices (Kindle Edition)

This is a very strong book written with conviction and belief by someone who is not afraid to share very honestly the ups and downs in her own life that led her to find a positive way of rethinking her existence and the part she could play in improving the future for all of us who share this confused and pained planet.

Debbie deftly avoids preaching and instead speaks to the reader like a friend, like someone who is as fallible and human as the next person and in so doing is very convincing and persuasive when it comes to explaining how we can all reshape our attitudes to each other through our professional lives and the choices we have available to us when it comes to selecting a place of work or for instigating change within our current working environment.

Astonishingly obvious – but only once she points it out – is Debbie’s observation of how incredibly negative the news reports are that we have selected for us and delivered directly into our brains by the Gods of Big Media outlets.

So few of us question the agenda that is very likely to be behind the selection of news that we are subject to each day. Think we are fortunate enough to enjoy a free press? Think again. Debbie quite rightly suggests that in this area as in every other area of our life we can take control. We can choose to investigate and celebrate good news stories that are out there but which would probably sell far fewer copies of newspapers or guarantee far fewer listeners and viewers in our media battlefield.

We all have the power to change the narrative that our societies are built on. Thank you Debbie for really making me think twice about just about everything.

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