Returning to Work?


There are times in life when we need extra support and it’s often when we’re facing the greatest uncertainty in our lives.

Moving back into the workplace after a period away can be a daunting prospect.

Knowing you have a coach supporting you can help you to find the confidence you need as you take the first steps forward.

Click on the audio below and discover some of the strategies and techniques we can work on together as you explore possibilities for the next phase of your life.

Return To Work Coaching Programme Priced at £399 and includes:

8 x 30 minutes One-To-One Coaching Sessions

Copy of Let Go Or Be Dragged – A Book of Conscious Choices

Personalised Return To Work Coaching Workbook

Preparation of your CV detailing your skills, education and experience

Programme content

  • Identifying your unique strengths and skills and discovering suitable types of work
  • Exploring ways to develop new skills and experimenting with ways to build your experience
  • Developing and maintaining mental and emotional resilience to help you thrive in uncertain times
  • Discovering how to release your personal limiting beliefs so that you feel motivated to take action
  • Presenting yourself effectively through CV and cover letters
  • Developing successful job search strategies and ways of securing work
  • Building your knowledge of flexible working opportunities and learning how to secure them
  • Experimenting with new ways of living and working
Want to learn from someone who has been taken her own path back to work?
Then choose to work with Jo, who is one of our compassionate job coaches who has taken her own steps to return to work and knows what it takes to make the transition.
Here are some of the ways she can help:
“As a single mum for many years, I understand how it feels to encounter the barriers that often face us after a period of time out of work. Whether you have had time off to raise your family, a period of sickness, redundancy, a single parent or just finding it hard to get a job, I will help to support you and provide you with strategies to get you back on track.  Through a series of both practical and exploratory exercises my aim is to give you the confidence to tackle your job search with more confidence.  I have worked in recruitment for over 12 years and have seen many changes happen to the job market and to job search strategies during this time. The part of my career I have enjoyed the most is helping people secure a new role that fulfills them.  I look forward to walking alongside you as you embark on your job hunting journey”

Read Emily’s story on how compassionate job coaching helped her take the first steps to get meaningful work.

Emily’s story.

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