Looking for a better job? Want to return to work? Facing redundancy? Unemployed? At a crossroads? Seeking inspiration?

Every day we find ourselves in all kinds of situations where we become stuck and need advice and guidance.  Everyone is different, with our own personal barriers and challenges whether you are a senior director, a first jobber or have been unemployed for some time.

One thing connects us though. We are all human and we have an innate need to be heard, understood and supported, particularly when we are experiencing real challenges. Securing work can be a real challenge and knowing someone is on your side can be invaluable.

Job Centres need you to find a job, Recruitment Consultants have specific jobs to fill, online job boards are crammed with specific jobs – but what if you just don’t know where to start, how to present yourself and just what would suit you, then who can you ask for advice and guidance?

Over the past five years, the way employers search for employees has changed dramatically and because of this we need to adapt or else risk finding ourselves out of kilter with the world.

Because of these changes, the search for work has become a solitary process which can involve spending hours at the computer searching online for jobs and it can become a numbing and mindless drudge.

But what if we could transform the process to something more enjoyable and interactive?


That’s where compassionate job coaching comes in.  You’ve got a partner at your side supporting and encouraging you as you open your eyes to new possibilities and discover the work you want to do.

Making a change is a combination of systematically letting go of what no longer works for you and simultaneously seeking out what energises you and makes you come alive, interconnected with an enlarged awareness of the world around us and our place within it.

We all have individual skills, talents and experience to offer the world, the challenge is finding our place to express these to the best of our abilities.

So why not get in touch now to book a Free Discovery Session and find out just how compassionate job coaching can help you to explore what’s possible.