Fearful of changing your job?

Moving Beyond Our Insecurities And Fears To Embrace New Ways Of Living And Working

Are you feeling uncertain about what the future holds?

Are you finding it hard to let go of where you are now and fearful of what could come next?

Are you unsure of what options are available to you and which path to take?


The Exploring Possibilities Coaching Programme provides a safe, supportive and compassionate environment for you to explore alternatives and open your eyes to all the possibilities available to you in the new economy.  Our aim is to guide and support as you explore and experiment with new thoughts and activities which pave the way for exciting personal transformations and new pathways to emerge.

Through a variety of resources, reflections, activities and personalised coaching practices, you’ll get to know yourself better and understand what makes you tick, your skills and strengths will be revealed to you and you’ll have fun exploring alternatives which could lead to fulfilling work and business opportunities for you.

By the end of the programme you’ll have greater self-awareness combined with openness and knowledge of possibilities and you’ll have learnt proven ways to bring these discoveries into your everyday life.

So if you are ready to take action, explore and experiment then new pathways could open up for you that you never knew existed.
This course is very much learning by doing and guides and supports you to:

• Know Yourself
• Know Your Options
• Know How To Thrive

Listen to the short piece of audio below to discover how the Exploring Possibilities Coaching Programme can help you

Exploring Possibilities Programme

Price £349  Includes

6 x 60 minutes One-To-One Coaching Sessions

Copy of Let Go Or Be Dragged – A Book of Conscious Choices

Personal Copy of Exploring Possibilities Workbook

Preparation of your CV

Programme content

  • Learning strategies and techniques to embrace and overcome the fear of change
  • Accepting the fear of loss inherent in all of us and learning how to overcome the scarcity mindset
  • Developing and maintaining mental and emotional resilience to help you thrive in uncertain times
  • Identifying or re-evaluating your unique skills
  • Learning how to re-positioning your skills and experience to attract new opportunities
  • Discovering working environments and business structures which encourage you to work in your flow
  • Presenting yourself effectively through CV, cover letter and online media
  • Developing successful job search strategies and ways of securing work
  • Building your knowledge of new working opportunities and learning how to secure them
  • Exploring the full range of self-employment opportunities available to you
  • Experimenting with new ways of living and working


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