Flexible Working – Is this the way forward?

o-woman-working-from-home-facebookIn this rapidly changing world where new systems and ways of living and working are being created all the time, Flexible Working is a subject which some employers are fully embracing, whilst some others are strongly opposed to even discussing.

Flexible working doesn’t necessarily mean working at home or away from the office, it also means working around your life commitments, for example caring for a relative, being a parent, or even doing another job, perhaps a voluntary one.

According to those nice people at Hire Me My Way, 1,500,000 people in the UK are trapped below their skill level in low paid part-time or flexible jobs. Many others have abandoned work altogether. Why? Because new jobs are rarely advertised with part-time or flexible options.

To me, this is a wasted opportunity for employers to capitalise on the vast pool of highly talented, skilled and experienced individuals who don’t want to or can’t work on a conventional full-time basis.  For those ultra talented and skilled people who are stuck in part-time roles which are below their level of expertise and capability this is an opportunity to be part of and create new ways of working, for example job-sharing.  Here is a very interesting article courtesy of Timewise which tells the story of two women who together applied for the same job as job-sharers and made it work for themselves as well as their employer.

Flexible and part-time working make for a very compelling business case for many reasons, not least because of the obvious financial advantages for the employer.  For the employee, it means being able to make the best use of his or her time in the role, as well as outside of the role.  Like many long-established economic and work systems, the 40 hour week served its purpose for a period of time, but now things have evolved in such a way that even the term 40 hour week seems  somewhat out of place with life today.

If Flexible Working is something that appeals to you, perhaps it is time to review your options.  I would love to help you explore those options.  Drop me a line and we can arrange a FREE exploratory chat.

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41 years as a meat eater and now a vegetarian, how did that happen?

mm-pictureWhat do vegetarianism and jobs have to do with each other I hear you ask!

The answer will surprise you: Becoming a vegetarian means change and so does looking for work, whether it is for the first time or as a career move.  As with any change in our normal routine, both these actions require thought, careful planning and for many of us, a fair bit of anxiety.

I believe most of us want change for the better in our lives, our work and around us.  For change to happen though, there needs to be an intent quickly followed by an action.  Hoping that someone else will make that change happen for us is sadly one of those habits we’ve all acquired over hundreds of years.  We have become good at outsourcing most of the activities and actions that we are responsible for and then when things go wrong, we still rely on others to put things right for us!

My book, ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’ will show you how you can outsource less,  enjoy making conscious choices, and experiment with new actions which will result in the change we all long for.

So, today on MeatFreeMonday as a gift to you, and to give you a flavour of my book, I am giving you Chapter 1 below which explains how I went from being a carnivore to a vegetarian. Enjoy and have a beautiful day!

We let go of the need to eat meat and as a result a new vegetarian based diet came into being.

So what walet_go_or_be_dragged_cover_for_kindles it that made you decide to become a vegetarian? My Mum asked me. When I look back it’s hard to remember the exact tipping point, but I had become more and more uncomfortable about eating meat, particularly cows. The decision took me completely by surprise. I loved meat and had eaten only organic meat for a number of years. Was it because I’d become more exposed to people who had vegetarian and vegan lifestyles? Was it because I had become more aware of the environmental impact? Did I just think, I don’t need to eat meat anymore? Maybe it was a combination of all those factors.

I wasn’t one of those children who had always loved vegetables so this wasn’t a natural transition for me, but, along with my partner, we decided to try it out. We said to each other if either one of us wants to have meat at any time, we’ll embrace it. The funny thing is it’s been just a handful of times we’ve “felt the urge.”

Why has it worked? I think it’s because we were able to find alternatives to our meat based diet. With a partner who loves to cook and a willing apprentice in me, we took it as an experiment to try new recipes and that experiment continues as it becomes a more permanent way of life for us. We let go of the need to eat meat and as a result a new vegetarian based diet came into being.

So why tell you this story of my change in eating habits?

This book is all about taking the pro-active route to change and this is one such example of that. There was no enforced change put upon me, this was my own personal choice. So what factors were at play here and what can we learn from this? My decision arose from a deeper awareness of what is happening around me combined with giving myself the time and space to reflect on this and experiment with a new way of being.

Making a decision is obviously a key part in creating change, but equally important is taking action and following through. Most changes in diets involve some sort of sacrifice and stopping yourself from eating the selected product(s), however by reframing the shift in our eating habits to one of experimentation, we found that we didn’t feel deprived or lacking in anything, quite the reverse, we embraced the fun of trying the new and simultaneously observing our behaviour and urges.

Try it for yourself. What part of your life would you like to experiment with now?

The great thing I observed about myself as I was making this change through experimentation is that it releases you from some of the perfectionist behaviours you may carry with you. For me, I’ve always had this feeling that I have to get something “right.” I am drawn towards finding the best and the most effective way of doing something. When you start an experimentation through food because we eat every day, each day you have the opportunity to “try again”, to “do something different” and that definitely takes the pressure off and this gives way to more enjoyment.

Another benefit of experimentation through food is that you are flexing your “change muscle” on a daily basis and having that practice every day is a great way to embed a new habit which in turn gives you greater confidence in your ability to bring about further changes. At the very least, it has the ability to revitalise the routine you find yourself in, offering you an opportunity to reconsider and refresh your daily choices and become more alert to everything that’s available to you.

Personally I believe that is the key to enabling change; giving yourself the permission and the opportunity to slow down, observe and reflect upon your daily choices which in turn helps to bring a refreshed awareness to all your activities.

Next time you go into autopilot, stop and ask yourself, what choice am I making now? What am I allowing into my life and am I happy with that?

Enjoyed what you’ve read so far?  Want to read more?

Download the book here now

Thank you for reading, Happy #MeatFreeMonday


Want to run your own business?

Riverford – You grow your business, we grow the veg

Compassionateriverford-franchise Job Coach is about shining the light on new opportunities to live and work, and not necessarily doing a conventional job.  I believe that everyone has potential to do good in society and for the planet, so when I read Guy Watson’s latest blog, it served as a prompt to share it with our readers because it may just be the opportunity, idea or spark that will transform someone’s life and the birth of new relationships.

Guy Watson is the founder of Riverford Organic Farms, and has made it into Debrett’s list of the 500 most influential people in Britain. He’s been listed in the Food and Drink category, alongside the likes of Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver and Yotam Ottolenghi. 2017 marks 30 years since Riverford was born; Guy’s continued commitment to organic and running a sustainable, ethical business is quite an achievement and deserves to be recognised.

So without further ado, here is the blog in question in all its glory:

Guy’s news: Veg men & veg ladies wanted

When we started packing veg boxes back in 1993, marketing consisted of evenings spent photocopying and folding leaflets after I got home from delivering the boxes. As sales grew and I wanted to get back to the fields, I employed feckless young men who crashed my vans and were rude to customers, leaving me increasingly frustrated. For a short while a local group of musicians handled the sales and deliveries, leaving me to grow the veg. It worked well at first but they turned out to be as stubbornly independent and anarchic as me but less reliable; they were all charging different prices, sometimes adding non-organic eggs etc., and often competing with each other in the same village. My big sister, having spent her life marketing in London, told me I should be concentrating on developing my brand; I honestly didn’t know what she was talking about but could see that we needed organisation and consistency to move forward. Taking her advice, I tried to organise my band of anarchists into accepting allocated sales territories and selling produce at the same price and even adopting some common systems, but predictably most told me where I could stick it.

At about that time a bright young staff member called Martin went to a seminar and came back telling me there was a name for what I was trying to do; franchising. For years I just called it “the F word”; there are so many horribly exploitative businesses that have followed this model that I refused to accept it. However, after 20 years I now do; our 61 local franchisees know their customers and areas better than we could ever hope to and deliver a level of personal service we struggle to match when we deliver ourselves. As over 50% of our franchisees came to us as customers first, might it be for you? We need veg men and ladies to help bring our fields into our customers’ homes, connecting them to how their food is grown and helping them enjoy it around the kitchen table. Business should be fun, so we are looking for franchisees who we like, trust and who share our vision for a world where good food, good farming and good business are the norm.

Take a look at riverford.co.uk/franchise to find out more.


Timpson – When business puts people first

timpsonI have long been an admirer of Timpson, a British based family-owned business which has a presence in almost every city and town right across the UK and Ireland.  This is one business that truly lives by their slogans, when they say ‘customers come first’, they mean First.   To me, when I look at the picture on the left, I see a human extending their hand to another human in need.  This is an A-Board you won’t see outside many businesses, but then again Timpson are not a conventional business.

Here is how and why they do what they do:


At Timpson, we believe that delivering excellent customer service is the key to our success. Through our unique “upside down management” approach we give our colleagues total authority to do whatever they can to amaze our customers. If we make a mistake, then we can put it right there and then without the need to speak with a manager. We trust our colleagues to run our business as they see fit. We conduct a ‘happy index’ every year, which lets us know what our colleagues really think about how our business is being run and how they are being treated. We take this very seriously and regularly make changes depending on what has been raised.

This is a business that truly makes people feel valued and every employee gets a day off on their birthday, where staff are encouraged to be individuals without judgement or discrimination, and where people manage themselves, and managers are there to support rather than control.


Timpson really are an equal opportunities employer. We consider anyone for our vacancies as long as they are able to do the job. This includes ex-offenders and other marginalised groups. We recruit exclusively on personality and expect all of colleagues to be happy, confident and chatty individuals.

If you feel your current job falls short of the above, then this might be a good time to consider your options and explore ways to change to a more meaningful job.  Whether it is Timpson or another type of business, I am here to help you get ready to make that shift.  Let’s talk and explore new possibilities together.  Drop me a line and we will arrange a FREE exploratory chat by phone or by Skype.

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The Nicest Job in Britain

Good Morning!

nicestjobinbritainHave you heard of the Nicest Job in Britain?

I hadn’t until I saw a posting from our friends at The Trussell Trust.

Meet Alice, who carries the Nicest Job In Britain baton this year. Alice used to work in the legal department of a large PLC, but she had a burning desire and passion to go outside of her comfort zone and take challenges, often in order to help others.  This led to her applying for The Nicest Job in Britain, which is all about learning and celebrating ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  You can find out more about her here.

And they’ve got a website full of Nice Jobs, so you can have a nice job too!

Take a look here

 If you are inspired by Alice’s story and you have a burning desire to get involved in meaningful work, I am here to help you update and tailor your CV, or get some clarity about the type of role you would like to do and how to approach it.  Drop me a line and we can arrange a FREE exploratory chat on the phone or Skype.

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Let Go Or Be Dragged – A Book of Conscious Choices

Time to change your work and your world through your own conscious choices

Let Go Or Be Dragged

Let Go Or Be Dragged


We are living in unprecedented times which offer a world of possibilities for living and working with greater freedom and joy – but these possibilities will only remain open to us if we take conscious choices to think and act differently in the way we live our lives.

Individually and collectively when we shift away from restrictive and harmful practices in our working lives then we pave the way for us all to live more freely and with less fear.

So why do we hold on so tightly to ways of living and working which cause us pain?

The world is changing all around us and the pace of change is increasing.

Our way of life is constantly being challenged and is under threat in a variety of ways, so what do we do? Well our natural response is to seek safety, security and stability for ourselves and our loved ones.

But what if the ways in which we’re living and working no longer bring the same levels of safety, security and stability as they once did?

Do we defend our current position even stronger, bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best?


Could this be the perfect time to explore and experiment with new ways of living and working?

Let Go Or Be Dragged is a book of conscious choices. A series of reflections, strategies and resources which encourage you to look at your own working lives with new eyes and see a world of possibilities before you.

And should you want help in putting this all into practice then register yourself for a Free Discovery Session and we can work on this together.

This is what readers of Let Go Or Be Dragged have to say about the book

The book you wrote is so excellent, it talks to people like a friend and advisor and takes people through the whole mindset. It’s a real page turner, it really keeps you with it.” Suzanne, UK

Debbie I finished your book yesterday and it is truly fabulous. I think it is needed by so many and while you approached it from the aspect of saving the planet and being cognizant of our impacts, the concepts you have shared go much deeper into all aspects of life.Jewel, Canada

“Debbie, this topic is of my favourite and most relevant combinations of conscious choices and career choice/doing work that makes a difference. I can tell I’m going to love this. Thank you for writing and sharing this, I will definitely donate and read this.” Nick, UK

Debbie it’s an excellent read. Really accessible, has your voice ringing through it and is full of inspirational, enlightening stuff. Well done you wonderful woman you!” Nic, UK

Reviews for Let Go Or Be Dragged

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Think twice about just about everything in your life, 11 Feb. 2016
This review is from: Let Go Or Be Dragged: A Book Of Conscious Choices (Kindle Edition)

This is a very strong book written with conviction and belief by someone who is not afraid to share very honestly the ups and downs in her own life that led her to find a positive way of rethinking her existence and the part she could play in improving the future for all of us who share this confused and pained planet.

Debbie deftly avoids preaching and instead speaks to the reader like a friend, like someone who is as fallible and human as the next person and in so doing is very convincing and persuasive when it comes to explaining how we can all reshape our attitudes to each other through our professional lives and the choices we have available to us when it comes to selecting a place of work or for instigating change within our current working environment.

Astonishingly obvious – but only once she points it out – is Debbie’s observation of how incredibly negative the news reports are that we have selected for us and delivered directly into our brains by the Gods of Big Media outlets.

So few of us question the agenda that is very likely to be behind the selection of news that we are subject to each day. Think we are fortunate enough to enjoy a free press? Think again. Debbie quite rightly suggests that in this area as in every other area of our life we can take control. We can choose to investigate and celebrate good news stories that are out there but which would probably sell far fewer copies of newspapers or guarantee far fewer listeners and viewers in our media battlefield.

We all have the power to change the narrative that our societies are built on. Thank you Debbie for really making me think twice about just about everything.

Can’t wait to get reading?

Download a PDF copy of Let Go Or Be Dragged – A Book of Conscious Choices below

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Hubbub are recruiting

Are you passionate about the environment and making it relevant to the mainstream?

Hubbub are recruiting for 3 roles:

  • A six-month paid Design Intern,
  • a six-month paid Enterprise Intern,
  • and a 12-month Enterprise Commercial Lead.

Please continue to scroll down the page to view all roles.


Hubbub Enterprise, London

Location: Somerset House, London.

Contract period: 6-month internship

Salary: £20,000 per annum plus generous holiday allowance and Somerset House resident discounts

Application deadline:

Monday 16th January 2017, 5pm

Hubbub is a two-year-old social enterprise exploring new ways to engage mainstream audiences in sustainability issues. We do this by designing and delivering campaigns based on topics relevant to people’s day-to-day lifestyles, including; food, fashion, homes, neighbourhoods.

We’re seeking a six-month intern to join our Hubbub Enterprise team based in Somerset House, central London. The role offers an exciting opportunity to join a start-up venture with huge growth potential. You’ll support Hubbub Enterprise in growing a range of new products and services. This includes working with leading brands and local councils on new approaches to reducing food waste and tackling litter, for example, scaling our innovative Ballot Bin, as well as providing solid financial and administrative support to the team.

The intern will be based in Hubbub UK’s commercial arm, Hubbub Enterprise, and will work closely with all team members.

We’re looking for a self-starter who works well as part of a small team, who thrives on challenges and a fast-paced environment, and is able to work confidently under his/her own initiative. Excellent organisation skills and an ability to multi-task are important.

Specific duties include

Order management of the Ballot Bin – responding to new enquiries, converting enquiries into new sales, keeping track of financial information.

Support a communications strategy for the Ballot Bin including newsletters, website updates, case studies.

Provide administrative support including financial administration to the team, working with Xero software (training to be provided).

Support marketing activities including social media.

Project delivery support to team members.

Project management of specific tasks.

Provide professional support and management to a diverse range of stakeholders on a range of projects.

Act as the team’s ‘go-to’ for new enquiries and external requests for support.

We are looking for the following skills/experience

Excellent organisation skills including fine attention to detail and ability to prioritise under pressure.

Good knowledge of Microsoft Office including Excel, Word & PPT.

Experience of providing administrative support and financial administration.

Experience of developing partnerships and/or customer relationships.

Project management experience.

Marketing and communications experience.

Knowledge of social enterprise sector (preferable but not essential).

Design skills (preferable but not essential).

The internship will be reviewed after 6 months and long-term employment opportunities may be available.

How to apply

To apply for this role, please send your CV (max 2 sides) and a cover letter (max 1 side) to enterprise@hubbub.org.uk by Monday 16th January, 5pm.

As part of your application please send us a tweet-length piece about a social enterprise that inspires you.

Commercial Lead

Hubbub Enterprise, London

Location: Somerset House, London.

Contract period: 12-months with longer-term opportunities

Salary: £30,000 – £35,000 per annum plus generous holiday allowance and Somerset House resident discounts

Application deadline:

Monday 16th January 2017, 5pm

Hubbub is a two-year-old social enterprise exploring new ways to engage mainstream audiences in sustainability issues. We do this by designing and delivering campaigns based on topics relevant to people’s day-to-day lifestyles, including; food, fashion, homes, neighbourhoods. We work with multinational businesses, local councils and community groups to deliver positive environmental impact.

In 2016, Hubbub launched a trading arm, Hubbub Enterprise, which aims to commercialise the work of the charity, maximising proven ideas whilst delivering positive environmental impact.

Specific duties include

The role offers an exciting opportunity to join a start-up venture with huge growth potential. You’ll work closely with the team to enhance its sales and marketing proposition and to deliver new sales and partnerships, ensuring the company hits ambitious growth targets. This is an opportunity to carve out a new role in a small and fast-paced team.

Your main focus will be developing a commercial strategy and delivering sales for the Ballot Bin, and developing a commercial proposition for Hubbub’s work with local government based on a new membership service. Other opportunities for generating revenue will arise quickly you will help to shape them. You’ll actively explore opportunities for new business, lead on sales meetings, negotiate contracts and pricing, and design marketing materials. Overall you will help to build the commercial skills of the organisation and to ensure Hubbub Enterprise can deliver sustainable growth into the future.

We are looking for the following skills/experience

A passion for Hubbub’s environmental impact combined with evidence of a commercial mind-set.

Educated to degree level with proven sales and marketing experience.

Experience of business development with a range of clients including companies and local government.

Knowledge of pricing strategies, use of discounts and marketing techniques to deliver growth and profit.

Experience of product development, including working with designers/manufacturers to improve products.

Confident at negotiating contracts and thinking on your feet.

Ability to analyse quantitative and qualitative data and to interpret insights to help shape activities.

An effortless communicator, skilled at forging networks and partnerships.

Organised and flexible in approach, capable of managing time in order to meet tight deadlines.

Great written skills and an eye for detail, experience of creating marketing materials.

This is your opportunity to use your enthusiasm and experience to help lead Hubbub to a successful and sustainable future.

This position is currently being offered as an initial 12-month contract with a high likeliness of becoming permanent based on the success of the role.

How to apply

To apply for this role, please send your CV (maximum 2 sides) and a cover letter explaining what you would bring to this role (maximum one side) to  enterprise@hubbub.org.uk by Monday 16th January, 2017.

Design Internship

Hubbub UK, London


Location: Somerset House, London

Contract period: 6-month internship

Salary: £20,000 per annum plus generous holiday allowance and Somerset House resident discounts

Application deadline:

Thursday 12th January 2017, 5pm

Hubbub is a two-year-old social enterprise exploring new ways to engage mainstream audiences in sustainability issues. We do this by designing and delivering campaigns based on topics relevant to people’s day-to-day lifestyles, including; food, fashion, homes, neighbourhoods.

We’re seeking a six month intern to join our small team based in Somerset House, central London. The internship will gain a wide range of experience, working in a start-up culture. The role will provide direct support to the research, social design and graphic design of a range of on-the-ground initiatives including food waste campaigns, sustainable fashion initiatives and piloting new approaches to tackling litter.

We’re looking for a talented designer who has a genuine interest in sustainability and whose ambition is to bring the issue into the mainstream through innovative and impactful community-based activities. We’re looking for someone who can work effectively in a small team, who thrives on challenges, who has an active interest in current affairs and who’s able to work confidently under their own initiative.

You’ll have excellent opportunities to demonstrate your creative ideas, expand your skills and realise your designs in collaboration with community groups to leading brands.

The Internship will be reviewed after 6 months. Our aim is to create a small core team of committed staff and long-term employment opportunities may be available.

Specific duties include

Social design and design thinking; being able to develop creative and playful solutions to environmental problems and follow them through from concept to completion.

Support with design of campaign materials. This will require confidence in using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and an excellent ability to stick to brand guidelines.

Project managing local events and the production of any campaign designs/materials, including overseeing all logistical arrangements, supporting promotional activities and liaising with suppliers/volunteers.

Providing administrative support for Hubbub’s initiatives, including tracking participation, supporting the measurement of outcomes and liaising with local organisations.

Supporting marketing activities to promote events including social media, liaising with journalists, media tracking.

Assisting with the overall development of Hubbub by contributing to development meetings, helping to grow the organisation’s supporter base and assisting with promotional activities.

How to apply

If you’re interested in joining the team, please send the following to hello@hubbub.org.uk by Thursday 12th January, 5pm;

  • Your CV to along with a cover letter (no more than one page) explaining why you are the right candidate;
  • a brief outline (no more than 200 words) of your favourite example of where design has been used for social good;
  • and if you have one, your portfolio.

Campaign Leader, Anti-Money Laundering – Global Witness

Campaign Leader, Anti-Money Laundering

London or Washington DC

Full Time


Closing Date:

16 January 2017

Are you passionate about stopping corruption? We are seeking a Campaign Leader to help prevent corruptly acquired funds entering and moving through the international financial system.

About us

Global Witness

Our vision is simple: we want a better world – where corruption is challenged and accountability prevails, all can thrive within the planet’s boundaries, and governments act in the public interest.

We’ve been creating change for over 20 years, from alerting the world to blood diamonds to halting forest destruction deals.  Our investigations have changed the world.

We have an exciting opportunity for a Campaign Leader to drive our anti-money laundering work, as part of our overall work to tackle resource-related corruption.

About the role

As the campaign leader for our anti-money laundering work we’ll look to you to lead the development and delivery of campaigning and advocacy strategies which prevent corruptly acquired funds from entering and moving through the international financial system.

A politically astute, inspirational and resilient leader you’ll manage a passionate and committed team in London and Washington DC.

About you

You’ll have a significant track record of advocacy and policy impact and leading successful campaigns at a senior level.

As an experienced manager of people and teams you’ll lead your team to meet the campaign objectives and outcomes.

You’ll have the communication and advocacy skills needed to represent Global Witness to a variety of audiences, along with the credibility to influence and effect positive change.

What you can expect from us

We’ll reward you through a combination of exciting and creative work together with a sector competitive salary and benefits package, high levels of engagement and involvement, and a commitment to your development.

Benefits include a generous leave allowance, pension scheme and health insurance as well as opportunities to work flexibly in an engaging and friendly environment.

We aim to be a diverse and inclusive place to work.  We value new perspectives, original ideas and different ways of working. We believe that diverse views and experiences improve the way we do our work. We do our best to make our jobs accessible to all regardless of regardless of race, colour, religious belief, gender identity or expression, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, military service, protected veteran status, or other groups as protected by law.


Please send in your CV and a covering letter telling us how you meet the role requirements (no more than two pages please) by 16 January 2017 to recruitmentcampaigns@globalwitness.org stating your name and the position in the subject line. Please inform us of where you saw this advert in your email.

Research Consultant – Stamp Out Poverty

Research Consultant

Home-Based with some travel to London Office

Temporary Closing Date:

08 January 2017 at 6pm GMT

Stamp Out Poverty campaigns for new sources of finance to fight poverty and climate change at home and abroad.  We run The Robin Hood Tax which campaigns for a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) – popularly known as the Robin Hood Tax.

We are looking to recruit a Research Consultant who will be involved in compiling statistical findings to complement the work of the Robin Hood Tax campaign. This will range from research on financial markets and banks to social policy including housing, the NHS and disability cuts.

The job would suit a bright, enthusiastic candidate with an ability to work well independently, to tight deadlines and with a desire to build a career in public affairs or campaigns.

Candidates must have a keen interest and some relevant experience in rigorous desk-based research, preferably through a second degree and/or economic/social policy work.

The successful candidate will gain experience of working in a successful campaigning environment.

Although the role will be carried out remotely, some travel to London may be necessary.

Closing Date: 08 January 2017 at 6pm GMT

Interview/Start Dates: Interviews will take place soon after the closing date

Please apply here

Sales Person Dedicated to Changing The World

Sales Person dedicated to changing the Word

Home-Based with International Travel

Full Time – Permanent
The Plastic Bank is searching for a sales person dedicated to changing the world.

The Plastic Bank is an internationally recognised and celebrated organisation that is revered as “The World’s most Important and Scalable Social Business” The Plastic Bank is building the world’s largest convenience store chain for the world’s poor, where everything is available to be purchased with plastic garbage. Available in the stores is everything from medical insurance to school tuition, sustainable cooking fuel, fortified food and more. Our mission is to monetise plastic garbage by creating a tradeable currency, that provides an ability to transcend poverty, by cleaning the environment.

We are searching the world for someone who wants to use their professional sales skills to build a legacy for themselves, their family and the world. The predominant responsibility is to find and connect plastics manufacturing companies with a plastic feedstock that lifts people out of poverty. The use of Social Plastic in manufacturing gives an organisation the ability to authentically connect with their customers by being powerfully socially responsible.

Optimally, the successful candidate has proven that they have built a sales career by continually refining their profession and by applying and dedicating their life to building win-win relationships.

The position is home office based, has an unlimited income opportunity, affords an equity opportunity, includes international travel and provides a life of purpose and meaning.

Learn more about us by visiting http://www.plasticbank.org and by searching Social Plastic, The Plastic Bank and David Katz.

Apply with a well crafted cover letter to david@plasticbank.org

Sharing this post with friends and colleagues can also change the world!