Flexible Working – Is this the way forward?

o-woman-working-from-home-facebookIn this rapidly changing world where new systems and ways of living and working are being created all the time, Flexible Working is a subject which some employers are fully embracing, whilst some others are strongly opposed to even discussing.

Flexible working doesn’t necessarily mean working at home or away from the office, it also means working around your life commitments, for example caring for a relative, being a parent, or even doing another job, perhaps a voluntary one.

According to those nice people at Hire Me My Way, 1,500,000 people in the UK are trapped below their skill level in low paid part-time or flexible jobs. Many others have abandoned work altogether. Why? Because new jobs are rarely advertised with part-time or flexible options.

To me, this is a wasted opportunity for employers to capitalise on the vast pool of highly talented, skilled and experienced individuals who don’t want to or can’t work on a conventional full-time basis.  For those ultra talented and skilled people who are stuck in part-time roles which are below their level of expertise and capability this is an opportunity to be part of and create new ways of working, for example job-sharing.  Here is a very interesting article courtesy of Timewise which tells the story of two women who together applied for the same job as job-sharers and made it work for themselves as well as their employer.

Flexible and part-time working make for a very compelling business case for many reasons, not least because of the obvious financial advantages for the employer.  For the employee, it means being able to make the best use of his or her time in the role, as well as outside of the role.  Like many long-established economic and work systems, the 40 hour week served its purpose for a period of time, but now things have evolved in such a way that even the term 40 hour week seems  somewhat out of place with life today.

If Flexible Working is something that appeals to you, perhaps it is time to review your options.  I would love to help you explore those options.  Drop me a line and we can arrange a FREE exploratory chat.

Have a wonderful day,


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