Timpson – When business puts people first

timpsonI have long been an admirer of Timpson, a British based family-owned business which has a presence in almost every city and town right across the UK and Ireland.  This is one business that truly lives by their slogans, when they say ‘customers come first’, they mean First.   To me, when I look at the picture on the left, I see a human extending their hand to another human in need.  This is an A-Board you won’t see outside many businesses, but then again Timpson are not a conventional business.

Here is how and why they do what they do:


At Timpson, we believe that delivering excellent customer service is the key to our success. Through our unique “upside down management” approach we give our colleagues total authority to do whatever they can to amaze our customers. If we make a mistake, then we can put it right there and then without the need to speak with a manager. We trust our colleagues to run our business as they see fit. We conduct a ‘happy index’ every year, which lets us know what our colleagues really think about how our business is being run and how they are being treated. We take this very seriously and regularly make changes depending on what has been raised.

This is a business that truly makes people feel valued and every employee gets a day off on their birthday, where staff are encouraged to be individuals without judgement or discrimination, and where people manage themselves, and managers are there to support rather than control.


Timpson really are an equal opportunities employer. We consider anyone for our vacancies as long as they are able to do the job. This includes ex-offenders and other marginalised groups. We recruit exclusively on personality and expect all of colleagues to be happy, confident and chatty individuals.

If you feel your current job falls short of the above, then this might be a good time to consider your options and explore ways to change to a more meaningful job.  Whether it is Timpson or another type of business, I am here to help you get ready to make that shift.  Let’s talk and explore new possibilities together.  Drop me a line and we will arrange a FREE exploratory chat by phone or by Skype.

Have a wonderful day,


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