Inspirational Job – Operations Manager 1 Million Women



Sydney, Australia

Part time – 2.5 days per week
1 Million Women was founded by Natalie Isaacs. At the time a cosmetics manufacturer Natalie saw that individual action is key to solving the climate crisis. She realised that she couldn’t stand back any longer and wait for others to act. That climate change threatened her friends and family, her children, along with everyone around the world.

Leaving behind the over-packaged world of skincare and beauty products Natalie set out to create and build a global movement of women and girls inspired and empowered to act on climate change through the way they live.

Natalie’s own climate journey from apathy to real action cuts through complexity and delivers a simple message that resonates with women and girls of all ages. Her message is simple:

“I launched 1 Million Women because I knew the incredible power women have to transform society. It is time for us to understand the significance of this power.

That how we live each day, how we spend and invest our money and the influence we have in our households, workplaces and communities are all key to solving the challenge of climate change”

The Role:

We are currently looking for an Operations Manager based in Sydney for an immediate start.

As part of 1MW Team, your job will be to:

  • manage office, accounting and administration
  • be a Governance and HR officer, and an Event Coordinator for 1MW
  • assist and work closely with 1MW Board
  • provide an executive assistance to CEO
  • manage or assist 1MW with various campaigns
  • be a contact person for 1MW stakeholders
  • manage database and online shop
  • assist 1MW with fundraising

Find out more and apply here



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