Inspiring Jobs – Video and Content Manager The Ocean Cleanup


The Netherlands

 The Ocean Cleanup
Full Time Permanent Contract
The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technology to extract, prevent, and intercept plastic pollution. Our goal is to initiate the largest cleanup in history by 2020.

We are a young organization with a mission to tackle a global problem of an unprecedented scale. What we are aiming for is not easy, and we know we need to push the limits of current technological boundaries to reach our goals. We are passionate about creating awesome things, and believe that through optimism, perseverance and ingenuity we will succeed. We are recruiting a diverse team of bright, high-performing people, who feel comfortable going off the beaten path, and who perceive setbacks merely as necessary obstacles to be taken on the route to great and lasting achievement.

Job Purpose:

We are looking for an outstanding Communications Manager who will be end-responsible for producing The Ocean Cleanup’s communication content, ranging from photo/video to writing. On a secondary level, you will be assisting the CEO and Head of Communication. Responsibilities include:

  • Supply The Ocean Cleanup’s projects and activities with videography/cinematography and photography support
  • Plan, and execute writing and edit press releases, speeches, and articles/editorials
  • Plan and execute internal and external communication with focus on technical or engineering aspects of The Ocean Cleanup
  • Manage The Ocean Cleanup’s social media presence and website
  • Manage The Ocean Cleanup’s multimedia libraries
  • Maintain Q&As for the content area (engineering/technology)
  • Maintain the communications calendar of The Ocean Cleanup
  • Define and manage a global network of state of the art suppliers
  • Keep up with relevant developments in communications, identify new developments and trends, foster dialogue about developments and their relevance for The Ocean Cleanup
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact and effect of communication activities

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